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Web macro-typography is my business. So if you require extensive advice, please inquire about my rates.

Jean-Baptiste PigginMy specialty is structuring news, legacy text and historical printed material. If you are planning to convert an archive, a library or a raw-text archive to online delivery, you'll need a developer for the software, a designer for the look and feel, and my information-architecture advice for the structure. Today's web delivery projects require a partnership of all three skills.

With 30 years of varied journalism experience, I also accept commissions that include web writing and editing and can arrange for translations on multilingual sites.

If your bosses are not convinced you need to consult an information architect, show them this site and call me in as a neutral third party to brief them, and demonstrate the return on investment. Enquire about my lectures on information and design. I also speak fluent German. Enquire for my rates and travel charges: I am based in Hamburg, Germany.

Direct all inquiries to ask (at)